Manufacturing and Quality Control

Development and Production

MDM Medical’s manufacturers employ highly qualified product designers and its precision instruments are constructed with a parametric 3D-CAD system. The combined use of CAD/CAM provides the optimal conditions for a fast, economical and continuous development of our products, starting from the initial concept right down to the produc- tion.

Our products are made on state-of-the-art CNC machines. Our quality planning, control and management are supported by an advanced CAQ system, ensuring optimum control during each step of the value chain – from the raw material to the sterile packed product.

Safety and Conformity

We are not prepared to compromise on quality. Each product bearing the CE mark CE0197 is subjected to a conformity assessment process in line with the directive 93/42/EEC and in compliance with the specifications of the standard DIN EN ISO 13485.

An integral part of the declaration of conformity is the risk analysis stipulated in the standard DIN EN ISO 14971. Together with our manufacturers ensures that its instruments are suitable for use in the respective power systems by continuously observing the market and by randomly checking instruments made by other manufacturers.





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